My Best Target Clearance Find EVER

Every time I go to Target I like to hit up the women’s clothing clearance section, whether or not I need any clothing. This is especially true if I see a 70% off sign. 

A few years ago, I was at my local Target and did just that.
I always go immediately to the XXL hangers. When I saw this dress, I couldn’t believe it. I thought for sure it was a smaller size on the wrong hanger. Nope, it was a 2X! It was an online return and on clearance for only $9. Totally astonishing. 

This is a dress that was designed by Victoria Beckham for Target and was only sold online. It’s a black polyester shift dress with a white collar and cuffs. There are bunnies embroidered on the collar. Fuckin’. BUNNIES.

Right up my alley, right? I wore it with my ol’ trusty black Mary Jane Wedges from Torrid. I don’t know why these shoes have such a low rating on the website. I wear these often, and they’re very comfortable. They’re very stable too; I don’t like feeling unsteady in a pair of shoes.

I also wore it with my all seeing eye necklace from Marcy Kentz. I needed to use a chain extender but it sat perfectly under the collar.

Festive holiday drink at dinner

I know we all have one.. what’s your favorite Target clearance clothing find? Tell me about it in the comments!


8 Fantastic Cryptid Gifts You Can Buy on Etsy

Cryptids are creatures whose existence is passed on through legends and folklore but is never scientifically proven. Cryptids are becoming more and more popular these days, showing up in all corners of pop culture including movies, books, and podcasts. None of these are affiliate links, just things I came across on Etsy that I liked!

Here are 8 cute and creepy cryptid-themed gifts you can buy on Etsy:

  1. Sasquatch Santa Primitive Wreath from OrangeDogCrafts on Etsy

orangedogcrafts sasquatch wreath
Source: OrangeDogCrafts on Etsy

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5 DIY Holiday Gifts That Are Pretty Much Just Paper

It’s frugal and fun to make gifts for everyone during the holidays, but sometimes the supplies can get expensive. Paper is easy to customize. readily available, and inexpensive. When choosing paper for these projects, you can use scraps of wrapping paper, origami paper, scrapbooking paper, maps, photographs,  vintage books and more.

Here are 5 holiday gift DIY tutorials that are mostly just paper with minimal extra supplies:

  1. Personalized Letter Ornaments from ModPoge Rocks Blog

MPRB letter ornaments

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One Shirt, Three Ways


I came across this cute yellow plaid shirt from Ava & Viv at my local Target last week. I was looking for shirts for this weird east coast late fall weather; is it 20 degrees and snowing or 60 degrees and sunny? This was a good choice that suited all of my needs. I like the color; it’s yellow, which I don’t typically wear, but sort of a mustard-y gold. It’s more of a camp shirt, which I prefer instead of a flannel because it’s less steamy when combined with other layers. It also has a second row of sneaky buttons so there’s no gap at the front of the shirt! It’s so nice to be able to wear a button down shirt and not worry that it’s gaping at the chest.

Here’s how I styled it!

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PSOOTD: Blue Bodycon Dress


Once I find a dress that I like, I tend to hang on to it. This sapphire colored bodycon dress has been a favorite of mine for years. I bought it at Forever 21 on clearance in 2016 so it isn’t on the site anymore. It’s velvet and has a light geographic burnout print.

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5 DIY Advent Calendars That Couldn’t Be Easier to Make

We’re only about a week away from December so it’s time to buckle down and get started on holiday crafts! Advent calendars are a fun way to get into the holiday spirit AND give yourself (or a loved one) 24 little gifts. These 5 DIYs are ridiculously simple, and you probably already have the supplies lying around.

Here are five DIY advent calendars that couldn’t be easier to make:

  1. Branch with Hanging Packages by Lapin Blu

LapinBlu branch & Packages

This is so festive and wintry, and is made mostly with things found in nature!

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Simple Witchcraft: Gemini Moon Water

Moon water is water that has been charged by the full moon. The moon water can be given different properties based on the astrological sign associated with the current moon. (This is a great resource that tells you which properties each astrological sign most signifies.)

This month, the full moon is in Gemini as of 12:39 AM Eastern on Friday November 23rd, so you’ll want to leave this out overnight on Thursday the 22nd.


Here’s what you’ll need:


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