What is The Odd Bee?

My name is Heather, and I’m the evil genius behind the Odd Bee.


I’m a lifestyle blogger in my early 30’s. I’m originally from the Midwest, but I’m living Main Line-adjacent, near Philadelphia.

I often write about what I’m wearing because I love plus size fashion and fat positivity. I think that fat visibility is important because fat people are both underrepresented and misrepresented in the media. I am creating an image that I have been working toward for a long while, and I like to document it with the hopes of inspiring other fat people. You can see my fatshion and fat positivity posts under my Fatshion category.


I am also an avid crafter. I am compelled to make all sorts of things. I have made a few simple tutorials and lists of inspirational DIYs which you can find in my Crafting category. A short list of my favorite crafts:

  • embroidery, cross stitch, needlework
  • needle felting
  • sewing, by hand and machine
  • paper crafts using my Cricut Air (not sponsored, but hopeful)
  • doll making
  • jewelry making
  • wreath making
  • weaving
  • collage

Not only do I write about crafts of the arts variety, but I write about witchcraft as well. I’m a satanic witch. Satanists believe in free will, empathy, and personal autonomy. A witch is someone who practices the magical manipulation of energy to bring about change. It’s all pretty simple and non-threatening. Both satanists and witches have a bad reputation. You can read what I have to say about that under my Witchy Things category.

I keep an eclectic mix of vintage and handmade items stocked in my Etsy store. I sell things that are interesting to me, mostly toys, craft supplies, books, and home decor.


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I encourage questions and constructive comments on my posts, or you can use my contact page.



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