Longwood Gardens Orchid Extrvaganza

One of my FAVORITE places to visit since I moved to the Philadelphia area is Longwood Gardens!


It’s like a zoo for plants!

The orchids were stunning, of course. I got to see the internet-famous rare Ophrys tenthredinifera, or sawfly orchid, pictured below.

On the Saturday we went it was PACKED. I couldn’t get too close to most of the orchid displays, like the arch and the columns, because there were just too many people. I feel anxious when strangers get too close to me, so we admired these from afar. I would like to go back on a weekday before the Extravaganza ends to get a better look!

My favorite feature of the Conservatory is always the Silver Garden. The variety of succulents, sedums, and cacti is impressive. Blue vanda orchids were suspended from the ceiling.

Some more of my favorite plants:

The drama! There isn’t a place in the entire conservatory that isn’t photogenic.


I was disappointed to see that the casual cafeteria-style restaurant at Longwood Gardens, the Terrace, is closed until April, so plan ahead if you go. The orchids are featured now until the end of March!!

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