Etsy Treasury 2.0: Gifts for Your Witchy Valentine

I really miss Treasuries on Etsy! The feature allowed users to make curated collections, or Treasuries, to share with the Etsy community; these hand-picked lists of items generally followed a theme. The best Treasuries had interesting, multi-faceted themes. Seeing what cool combinations other users thought up was fun, and discovering new shops was an added bonus!

Treasuries were discontinued in October 2016. You can still see the existing Treasuries here. Miraculously, some of the items in are still for sale more than a year later!

So, this is my independent Etsy Treasury 2.0. All of the photos used here come from the listing for the item. None of these are affiliate links. These are just things that I came across in my virtual window shopping.

My very first Treasury 2.0 Theme is:

Gifts for your Witchy Valentine

I made this list with my witchy friends in mind. We love all things earthy, ethereal, and esoteric. There are gifts here from $3 to about $80 so there’s something for every budget.

Buying a card is pretty much the absolute minimum you can do for your lover for Valentine’s Day. Buy a card from an independent or small business instead of Hallmark!

  1. You Are Bewitching card from mssssy, $5

bewitching card

2. I Love You Through All the Phases & I Love You Even When You’re Evil cards from Weekend Warrior TX, $3 each

moons cards

3. You Are Magic Card from HeidiRoo Art, $4

magic card

Now, the gifts:

  1. Crystal Stickers from Pug Witch Designs, $3.95

This seller has TONS of cute witchy stickers starting at just 75 cents!

crystal stickers

2. Glitter Crescent Moon with Crystals Pin from Creator Collab, $8


3. Love Spell Hand Poured Candle in Teak Wood Bowl from Wild Woman Witchcrafts, $15.60


4. Rainbow and Silver Beaded Snake Bracelet from TaniashBeadsArt, $17

snake bracelet

5. Love Potion Whipped Body Butter by Ever After Enchanted, $18

love potion

6. Heartseeker Mini Planchette from Enchanted Rumors, $20


7. Iridescent Moon and Crystal Planter from Amber B Creativity, $28


7. Bronze Fern Necklace by Ithuriell, $45


8. Amethyst Copper Stacking Ring by Pebble and Stone, $54


10. Custom Infinity Sheer Mesh Robe with Train from Origami Customs, $81.84



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