Magic in the Mailbox: Ostara Edition

It certainly doesn’t feel like it here on the east coast, but it’s officially spring! Ostara was Tuesday March 20th. It was also the first day of our most recent snowstorm, the fourth this month!

I was snowed in and wasn’t feeling very springy, so I kept my celebration small and quiet. I did some light cleaning around my apartment. I lovingly planted some tomato seeds. I cleaned and freshened up my altar, which I keep in my living room.


(It’s pretty much just my Imbolc altar, but with bunnies, eggs, and tulips.)

Being a solitary witch makes my celebrations fairly modest. That’s why I love Magic in the Mailbox, organized by my friend Michelle on her blog Glitter in the Dirt. If I’m not mistaken, I’ve taken part in every exchange since she started organizing them. I love this witchy gift swap and highly recommend that all of my witchy friends get involved too!

Here’s what I sent my partner:


I made my partner a cute little snake wreath. (I have a couple more of these listed on my Etsy here and here, each one with a unique snake, handmade eggs, and flowers.)


I also sent her a cute ceramic steer skull with a flower crown. This one has twine at the top to hang it. I love making their tiny flower crowns with paper flowers! Each one is totally unique with a different color scheme. The skull I decorated for her also has a gold sun on the forehead. (I have a couple of these without hangers listed on my Etsy as well, here and here.)


A few other goodies I included: some mugwort, frankincense, garnet, amazonite, a lapis goddess charm, and a sticker of the three hares that I made on my Cricut Maker.


My partner was Lexi, @pyromantic_way on Instagram. Here’s what she sent me!


First of all, this package SMELLS AMAZING. When I opened the package, it smelled like spring! The scents came from the dried rose petals and the epsom salt soak with anise hyssop. She also included some dragon’s blood resin to burn as incense.

The jars contain honey from her aunt’s bees and Mango Carrot Jam! I am SO STOKED to use both. The honey will probably go in tea and a honey jar. She said the jam can be made into a sauce to go on meat! I will probably do that, and also just eat some on a nice, hearty bread. I had never heard of carrot jam until I moved to Pennsylvania. I sometimes see it at Amish markets. I tried a chunky carrot jam last year and loved it!


How did you celebrate Ostara? Were you snowed in like me? Also, give me some creative ways to eat this wonderful jam if you have any!

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