Flashback Friday: The Lodge at Woodloch

In October my Sweetie took me to The Lodge at Woodloch for my birthday! We’re going back in a couple of weeks, so I figured I’d finally get around to sharing my experience from our first trip.


The place is stunning! This was my first trip and I was very impressed. The grounds were impeccable. The staff was attentive and helpful. My favorite part about the resort (other than the KILLER Aqua Garden & HydroMassage Water Wall, of course) is that there are no children under the age of 16 allowed! Woodloch also has a Family Resort nearby that is child-friendly. That made this resort quite peaceful.


As far as treatments go, Sweetie and I had a couple’s Lodge Massage on the first day. I remember my massage was pretty good but I wasn’t super impressed. On the second day, I had a Deep Forest Ritual. It was just as awesome as it sounds! My skin felt amazing afterward. I also had a Moisture Drench Facial. I’m sure it would have been nice, but I had a panic attack during my facial. I had never had a facial before so I wasn’t sure what to expect; there was something about the warm steam and being wrapped up in a towel that made me feel awful. So I’m going to sit that one out this time.

I met this little guy outside near the Horizon Edge Whirlpool.


I spent most of my downtime outside in a quiet area in the woods near Little Lake Teedyuskung in a hammock. Yes, I did fall backwards out of the hammock once. At lunch, one of the waitstaff at the restaurant said they saw it.

20171012_121115Ridiculously clumsy, yet still dewy and refreshed.20171012_12112920171012_122043

I had visited my mom in New Mexico the week before my birthday, and I wasn’t prepared for the chilly weather in the Poconos! I didn’t even pack a pair of long pants, so I had to go to the Great Things Boutique to buy a pair of sweatpants. I was surprised to find an XXL that fit me, a size 22. I didn’t do much shopping while I was there, but on the next trip I’d love to pick up some of their signature Rosemary Mint body wash and lotion. They have it in the showers at the spa and in the guest rooms and it smells delightful!20171012_170702


Here’s a cute selfie for good measure. I was WAY over-dressed for dinner, but it was my birthday, so I do what I want.


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