Pocono Snake and Animal Farm: It IS More Fun Than a Zoo!

On our way home from the Lodge at Woodloch we stopped at Pocono Snake & Animal Farm in Marshall’s Creek, Pennsylvania. This was my second time visiting, and it definitely won’t be my last.

Pocono Snake and Animal Farm is a family-run animal sanctuary that has been open since the early 1970’s. They don’t rehabilitate animals, but they give a home to critters great and small that can no longer be taken care of by their original owners. It has a very DIY atmosphere.

My second favorite critter to visit here is the SNAKE THAT KILLED A GUY. YES, I said SNAKE THAT KILLED A GUY.


Unfortunately I can’t find any news articles to verify the snake’s street cred, but it did happen about 20 years ago. Don’t worry, his death was probably “quick and painless.”


It’s hard to get a good view of him. His enclosure is covered on the front by a piece of plywood with 3″ viewing holes. So here is the killer snake, or just some of his shed skin, it’s hard to tell.


Here are some more friendly-looking snakes at the Farm that probably haven’t killed anyone.

If slithers and scales and MURDER aren’t your thing, there are plenty of fluffy cuties to admire here as well.

There’s even an awesome black bear named Bear Bear. She’s the star of the show and deserves her own blog post, which she will get some time in October after we visit again.

If you’re in the neighborhood, this is a great place to check out!

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