A Gray Day at Longwood Gardens

Last Friday I went to Longwood Gardens by myself for a quiet afternoon. The outdoor gardens were pretty crowded when I got there, but once the rain started, the people disappeared. The forecast hadn’t called for rain, but luckily I had my umbrella.


I started out in the Garden Walk. Usually I feel rushed because the walkway is so narrow. It was quite peaceful and pleasant with no other people!

Note to self: buy a more goth umbrella.


I would have liked to go through Peirce’s Woods but the trail was damp from the rain so I hung out in the Peirce duPont House instead. I watched the movie they show at least 3 times while waiting for a sudden downpour to pass, and now I want to learn more about the other duPont properties. There must be some bizarre scandals in a family so large and with so much money. I bet at least one of their properties is haunted.

There were so many nice bees out!


Some quality wet leaf photos:

I made my way into the Conservatory, and it was surprisingly empty, except for the Children’s Garden.

These people really know how to mix textures!

I spent way too long looking at plants in the Tropical Terrace. I was there around 2PM and the lighting was superb, since the sun had reappeared.

Awww same, buddy.


There were dahlias outside in the trial garden. I thought I was going to pass them by, but they were mesmerizing!

I’m actually embarrassed to say that I have never been to the Oak & Conifer Knoll! I didn’t realize that until looking at the map while writing this. That will be my first stop next time I go.

What’s your favorite feature at Longwood Gardens? Is Longwood Gardens haunted? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “A Gray Day at Longwood Gardens

  1. I know someone on staff at Longwood. Always wanted to visit there .I love gardens. There is something so peaceful and soothing about natured beauty a dnits especially stunning on those dreary days

    1. It is definitely worth a trip! I love it there. I live pretty close and keep telling myself that one day I’m going to go right when it opens when it’s most quiet!

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