You’re Damn Right I Bought a Cheese Advent Calendar

Yesterday I came across this article from the Food Network’s food news blog, FN Dish, about Aldi’s advent calendar offerings for the 2018 holiday season. I knew I had to get my hands on a cheese advent calendar.

I went early on the day of the release, November 7th. The store had put out two cases; one was empty when I got there two hours after the store opened. I’m glad I went early!


Of course I had a photo shoot with my fancy cheese box when I got home.



I regret nothing and can’t wait until the 1st so I can dig into my cheeses.

Merry Cheesemas!

3 thoughts on “You’re Damn Right I Bought a Cheese Advent Calendar

    1. I KNOW I’m so stoked to eat these cheeses! They made a wine one too, unfortunately not sold near me. I would have loved the two together!

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