Independent Designer Spotlight: Marcy Kentz Jewelry

I have been enamored with Marcy Kentz’s jewelry since I came across it on her Instagram last year. Her jewelry designs juxtapose sacred geometry and nature in a modern, witchy way. Her pieces are talismans full of esoteric symbolism, perfect for any witch’s wardrobe.

I received her moon phase & skull moth necklace as a gift for Christmas last year, and her all seeing eye amulet necklace last month for my birthday.

Marcy writes a note inside every jewelry package, making it that much more special.


Here are the two pieces together. They are the perfect lengths for layering.


These two necklaces are my new favorites, so don’t be surprised if you see them in outfit posts in the near future.


You can see the whole outfit I wore these with here in another blog post.


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