Simple Witchcraft: Gemini Moon Water

Moon water is water that has been charged by the full moon. The moon water can be given different properties based on the astrological sign associated with the current moon. (This is a great resource that tells you which properties each astrological sign most signifies.)

This month, the full moon is in Gemini as of 12:39 AM Eastern on Friday November 23rd, so you’ll want to leave this out overnight on Thursday the 22nd.


Here’s what you’ll need:


  • a jar
  • sage
  • water
  • a gemstone, optional
  • label for your jar, optional

As with all witchcraft, the key to all of this is to do it with clear intentions. I like to light some candles and put on some chill music to help focus my mind. I make a tea of mugwort and valerian to help direct my intentions. While you gather your materials, think about the intention of the moon water you’re making. The full moon is in Gemini, so this water is going to be best for spells and rituals involving bringing about a positive change.

If you just want a little bit of moon water to use for spells, make a tiny jar. Or alternately, make a gallon jug of it, and chug it before you quit your job. I’m making a small jar. You can decorate your vessel if you’d like. I’m not decorating mine, but I’ve chosen a cute label to stick on afterwards so I don’t forget what’s in the jar!

Clean your jar with soap and water, then cleanse it with your sage. You know, in case there’s a ghost hiding in it.

Before & After:

Next you’ll fill your jar with water. You can use something fancy like water from a river or stream, as long as you’re 100% sure you won’t get a parasite if you consume it. If you don’t plan to consume it, you can use any liquid, no mater how suspicious. I might drink or bathe with my water, so I’m using filtered water from my Brita pitcher.

You can put your stone in your water to help amplify the energy. I’m using citrine because it helps to acquire and maintain wealth, which will be helpful if your positive change involves an investment. This gemstone has previously been cleansed by burying it in dirt, then rinsed in water. You can use any gemstone that speaks to you, but be sure to research whether your stone is safe to put it water.


Put your water outside overnight. If you have an outdoor altar, you can put it there. A balcony, patio, or just in the yard will be fine. Remember to take the lid off of your jar.


Bring your jar inside in the morning. You can remove the gemstone at this point, or leave it in. Label your jar so you don’t forget what it is!


Use your moon water for something as simple as making your tea on a morning when you’ll be making a big change. You can put it in your bath water, or make a spell jar out of it. Use it however you see fit!

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