DIY Jewelry Clay Pendants

Envirotex jewelry clay is super easy to use. You can embed anything in the clay, so the possibilities are pretty much endless. I used some gem chips, gemstones, plastic greenery, even a little rubber snake!


Here’s what you’ll need:


  • Envirotex Jewelry Clay – I bought mine from Amazon
  • Jewelry Blanks – mine are these super cool moon spinner pendants from Amazon and some pendants I bought at my local Michael’s store. I only made pendants but you can use ring blanks as well.
  • Gemstone Chips – I bought this set at my local Michael’s and got 12 different colors of chips.
  • Other little things to embed in the clay – Your items will need to be small enough to fit on your jewelry blanks. You can use little toys, beads, plastic flowers, broken pieces of pottery or jewelry, etc.
  • Chains & jump rings for your pendants – I bought jump rings at Michael’s and used vintage chains.


You’ll want to put on protective gloves. Then protect your work surface and set up a protected drying space. I used two paper plates for this.

Remove equal amounts of Envirotex Jewelry Clay from the A & B containers. I used about 1/8th of each container and it made 4 double sided moon pendants, three small pendants, and one large pendant.

Mix the two parts until it is one uniform color to activate it. You now have two hours to work with the clay before it hardens. If the clay gets tacky, sprinkle a small amount of baby powder on your hands before working with it. It works better when it’s warm, so if it starts to harden, knead it to heat it up. The clay will dry white, but you can use powdered pigments to dye it if you’d like.

Fill the pendant base with a small amount of clay. Don’t fill the whole base because the things you embed into the clay will displace a small amount and it will come up over the sides.


Embed your gems & other findings into the clay.



Let it dry overnight. Add your jump rings and chains, and you’re done!


Aren’t they cute? I always have tiny little findings lying around and this was a great way to use some of them up.


Have you used Envirotex jewelry clay? Link me to your projects in the comments!

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