What’s a Satanic Witch to Do on Christmas?

You may not know this, but I’m a satanic witch.


Satanists believe in free will, empathy, and personal autonomy. A witch is someone who practices the magical manipulation of energy to bring about change. Pretty simple and non-threatening.

A few years ago I posted something on my personal Facebook page about my “xmas” plans. At that time I called Christmas “xmas” because I still celebrated with my family but identified as atheist. A born-again Christian I knew from high school commented on it, “Christmas!” I ignored her, not knowing how to construe the tone of her comment. Was she just also excited about the holiday? Later I saw that she posted a passive aggressive status about how if you don’t call the holiday “Christmas” then you aren’t allowed to partake in the holiday at all; no exchanging of gifts, no decorated tree, not even a big meal with family. She made it a point to say that if she had a family member who didn’t call the holiday “Christmas” that they would be uninvited from all family celebrations. At the time I didn’t have the voice to tell her off, but I have some bad news for her: all of those traditions have pagan roots; in addition, mistletoe, caroling, and the traditional yule log. (This is one of the MANY reasons I don’t use Facebook anymore.)

She didn’t just want me to spell a word a certain way; she wanted me to be Christian. Which I’m not, obviously.


So, what’s a satanic witch to do on Christmas?


Here’s what I do: I exchange gifts with loved ones. I eat a big meal with my sweetie, and we watch Christmas movies. I’ll have a little decorated tree or houseplant in my apartment. I’ll send out cards to my friends and family. I’ll do something charitable with good intentions to invite abundance into my own life; in the past I’ve given gifts to a child on an Angel Tree and conducted a fund raiser for my local SPCA. And I’ll leave offerings on my indoor and altars for Yule. Just like you. (OK, mostly like you.)


And I’ll call it whatever I want. Why? Because that’s what makes me happy. And because I feel like it. I don’t need to explain myself to anyone. I am going to be criticized by someone for literally any choice I make in life, but no one’s opinion on this matters but my owns.

skeleton meme
Source: @scariest_bug_ever on Instagram

In closing, stick around for some really weird Christmas-themed posts that I have prepared in addition to my usual fat fashion, witchy things, and posts about what I’m up to in general.

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  1. I am not religious, but I also celebrate my own version of Christmas, very much like what you described. I look forward to your “weird” posts. I enjoy learning how others celebrate 😀

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