5 DIY Holiday Gifts That Are Pretty Much Just Paper

It’s frugal and fun to make gifts for everyone during the holidays, but sometimes the supplies can get expensive. Paper is easy to customize. readily available, and inexpensive. When choosing paper for these projects, you can use scraps of wrapping paper, origami paper, scrapbooking paper, maps, photographs,  vintage books and more.

Here are 5 holiday gift DIY tutorials that are mostly just paper with minimal extra supplies:

  1. Personalized Letter Ornaments from ModPoge Rocks Blog
MPRB letter ornaments
Source: ModPodgeRocksBlog.com

These super cute letter ornaments are made with paper, wooden letters from the craft store, glitter, twine, and of course, ModPodge! They were made by Linda from burlap+blue.

2. Paper Monstera Plant from Fábrica de Imaginación

Source: Fábrica de Imaginación

This would be a great gift for a friend with a brown thumb!

3. Glass Magnets from Makoodle

glass magnets makoodle
Source: Makoodle.com

These are so simple and can be customized for individual recipients.

4. Junk Journals from Jennifer Perkins

jennifer perkins junk journal

The possibilities are endless with these. You can make them like photo albums for the recipient to display their photos. You can make a journal with pages for a friend who likes to write. Or, like this from Jennifer Perkins, make it art!

5. 3D Photo Shapes from Why Don’t You Make Me?

photo shapes
Source: Why Don’t You Make Me?

This would be a great way to display photos from a trip, but you could also use . You can see the tutorial here on Buzzfeed.

Are you making any gifts this year? Tell me about them in the comments!

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