8 Fantastic Cryptid Gifts You Can Buy on Etsy

Cryptids are creatures whose existence is passed on through legends and folklore but is never scientifically proven. Cryptids are becoming more and more popular these days, showing up in all corners of pop culture including movies, books, and podcasts. None of these are affiliate links, just things I came across on Etsy that I liked!

Here are 8 cute and creepy cryptid-themed gifts you can buy on Etsy:

  1. Sasquatch Santa Primitive Wreath from OrangeDogCrafts on Etsy
orangedogcrafts sasquatch wreath
Source: OrangeDogCrafts on Etsy

If I’m gonna believe in Santa, he might as well be a jaunty Bigfoot!

2. Cryptids Shirt from PrettySnake on Etsy

prettysnake cryptid button down
Source: PrettySnake on Etsy

This short sleeved dress shirt  features the abominable snowman, Loch Ness monster, bat boy, thunderbird, and more. Etsy seller PrettySnake also sells other garments in this print, including leggings, crop tops, and even swimsuits!

3. Jackalope Ornament from CatClayShop on Etsy

catclayshop jackalope ornament
Source: CatClayShop on Etsy

This Christmas cutie even has a snowflake for a tail! He would be cute on your tree or just hung on a wall.

4. Mischievous Mermaids Notebook from EmSeeltch on Etsy

EmSeeltch Mermaid notebook
Source: EmSeeltch on Etsy

You can get this notebook lined or plain!

5. Bendable Yetis from SNAKEeyes on Etsy

snakeeyes decorative yetis
Source: SNAKEeyes on Etsy

These little cuties can be posed on your Christmas tree, or hung on gifts. I love their little icicle shivs!

6. Fantasy, Folklore, & Monsters of Appalachia Coloring Book from EgertronPuckArt on Etsy

egertronpuckart appalachai coloring book
Source: EgertronPuckArt on Etsy

Etsy seller EgertronPuckArt makes some of the coolest cryptid themed t-shirts, prints, and coloring books! This book has 42 pages to color and features a variety of creatures both well known and obscure.

7. I Love My Chupacabra T-Shirt from brightcomets on Etsy

brightcomets chupacabra t
Source: brightcomets on Etsy

This is a great gift for your friend who loves their goat-sucker!

8. Winter Wonderland Cards from FloraFaunaandFaust on Etsy

florafaunaandfaust abominable snowman cards
Source: FloraFaunaandFaust on Etsy

Spread holiday cheer with this gentle yeti card! This seller makes lots of beautiful art and cards based on both cryptids and real animals.


What’s your favorite cryptid? Are you giving any cryptid themed gifts this year? Let me know in the comments!

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