12 Gifts for the Classy Stoner

Whether your pot smoking friend’s consumption is medicinal or recreational, they’ll love these chic marijuana themed housewares and accessories. None of these are affiliate links, just things I came across on the internet and liked!

  1. I Might Be High Coffee Mug from Sourpuss Clothing
sourpuss mug
Source: sourpussclothing.com

Keep ’em guessing with this bright floral mug!

2. Blue Crystal Geopipe from Stonedware Company

Stonedware blue geopipe
Source: StonedwareCompany.com

These modern pipes are one of a kind and come in three different sizes.

3. Marijuana Pashmina Scarf from Cyberoptix on Etsy

cannibis scarf

This is a great way to wear marijuana as fashion without looking like a stereotype.

4. Gold Cigarette Case from Smokie’s Toke Couture on Etsy

gold cigarette case smokies toke culture
Source: Smokie’s Toke Couture on Etsy

This is the elegant way to store joints on the go!

5. Sativa Ear Weights from Maya Jewelry

maya sativa weights

Source: MayaJewelry.com

These big bad hoops are for ears stretched 8g and higher and come in four different finishes. I own them in rose gold!

6. Pike’s Peak Locking Stash Box from Colorado Stashbox on Etsy

colorado stash box
Source: ColoradoStashbox on Etsy

This comes with a removable rolling tray, three 2 oz stash jars, and a screw top stash tin. You can even get it engraved! Check out their website with even more custom items at ColoradoStashBox.com.

7. Custom Glitter & Leaf Rolling Tray from AmethystShines on Etsy

amethystshines custom tray
Source: AmethystShines on Etsy

These can be made in 18 different colors with a whopping 41 glitter options!

8. 24k Rolling Paper Gift Box from Shine Rolling Papers

shine gift box
Source: ShineRollingPapers.com

Joints have never been fancier! This gift set includes 24k cones, 24k rolling papers, and a Shine branded lighter.

9. Marijuana Painted Portrait from BlissFarmStudio on Etsy

painted weed portrait
Source: BlissFarmStudio on Etsy

This moody nug was captured perfectly by the artist.

10. Weed Leaf Rectangular Pillow by Christyne on Society6

society 6 pillow
Source: Society6.com

I love this delicate print! It’s neutral enough to blend nicely with the most chill interiors.

11. THC Molecule Necklace by MolecularMotifs on Etsy

cannibis molecule necklace
Source: MolecularMotifs on Etsy

This necklace comes in silver, rose gold, and yellow gold, and the chain can be plain or customized with 15 different gemstone options.

12. Magic Unicorn Pipe by MakeGoodChoices on Etsy

Source: MakeGoodChoices on Etsy

I have never seen a cuter pipe! From the listing: “…your mouth goes on the side of the head, so it feels like you are giving them a kiss when in use.” Adorable!

What are you getting for your favorite stoner for Christmas? Let me know in the comments!

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