What to Do on Christmas When You Hate Christmas

Christmas isn’t for everyone. Whether you don’t have family, don’t get along with your family, or follow a religion that doesn’t celebrate Christmas, you may not feel very jolly this time of year. I get it; I haven’t spent a holiday with my family in about 10 years for various reasons. Here are seven things you can do on December 25th to make it suck a little less, based on my own experiences.

My scary Santa, strangely the second or third scariest Santa in my apartment.
  1. Avoid Social Media

By the time Christmas rolls around, the regular social media user has been inundated by weeks (seems like MONTHS) of Christmas content. Then on the morning of December 25th, it becomes unbearable. If you find yourself getting annoyed by seeing everyone else’s holidays, stop checking it! If you’re afraid you’ll miss what your actual friends did for Christmas, check in with them via text instead.

     2. Go Outdoors

Outdoors… I think I was there once in October.

Most businesses aren’t open during the holidays so it can be hard to get out of the house on Christmas. National parks are usually closed on December 24th & 25th, but you can might find a local park that’s open. Chances are you’ll have the trails to yourself.

     3. Practice Self Care

Instead of sitting in front of Netflix all day, do something nice for yourself. I am a huge advocate of self care. It doesn’t have to be a full spa day with masks and bath bombs; practice boring self care by doing laundry, making dinner for yourself, or changing your bed sheets. THEN watch Netflix.

     4. Plan a Friendsmas

Do you have a local friend who also doesn’t have family nearby? Plan a nice dinner at home with them; maybe you each can make a dish that’s traditional for your family. Or make something simple & fun together, like pizza. Do a small gift exchange or a craft together.

Hallway Demon gets in the spirit, too.

     5. Plan a Virtual Friendsmas

If you DON’T have any local friends to hang out with, have an internet Friendsmas! Two or more people can participate. Send each other gifts in the mail to be opened over Skype. Make the same (or similar) recipes and eat together. Go see the same movie and discuss it over messenger afterwards!

     6. Start a New Project

This is the perfect opportunity to be productive. Buy supplies in advance so you can start a new craft you’ve been wanting to try, or start using language learning software. You’ve been meaning to read War & Peace; today’s the day!


      7. Do Something Charitable

Think beyond yourself to help someone in need. Adopt a child from an angel tree in advance and have fun picking out things for them. Use Christmas Day to sew blankets for shelter pets or walker bags for nursing homes.

     8. Start Scoping Out After Christmas Sales

If none of that worked, you know what will temporarily fulfill you? Retail therapy. All the good sales start the day after Christmas so start filling your carts!

Baphomet Claus and my Kewpsmas Mantle

If you don’t have a big family Christmas, what do you do on Christmas? Tell me about it in the comments!

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