PSOOTD: Pink Velvet

If you know just one thing about me, it’s that I love velvet. It’s such a cozy texture for the fall and winter. And I look fucking stunning in it.

I can’t believe this was only the second time I wore this dress. I bought it about a year ago at Forever 21. It is no longer on their site. It was one of their more expensive plus size dresses at around $35, so I was wary about buying it. The quality is surprisingly good.

If you’re fat and want to try wearing a bodycon dress for the first time, but are nervous about putting on something so form-fitting, I highly recommend velvet. The way it hugs my curves is delectable. And it’s so fun to touch!

I wore it with my fancy Eye of the Lotus ear weights from Maya Jewelry through some Kaos Software Hydra eyelets in Rose Gold.

I wore this dress with Spanx, just to keep it from riding up. The Spanx give it something to hold on to and help it stay in place.

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