Merry Kewpsmas!

This year I decided to do something a little different with my mantle for Christmas. I collect vintage toys, and I like to incorporate them into my holiday decorations. This year I was inspired when I came across someone’s old Kewpie collection at a local consignment store. I was just going to clean them up and sell them in my Etsy store, but I decided to dress them up for Christmas!

I usually dress up some of my toys for Christmas, but just with little Santa hats. This year, I went all out and gave every single one a costume or a prop. Here’s how I did it:

For these two, I got Santa ornaments from the dollar store, and ripped the hat and beard off of Santa. (Sorry, Santa.) I affixed the beards to the Kewpies’ faces with craft putty that I got from Michael’s.

This guy is larger so he needed a big hat for his big ass head. I started with an adult sized Santa hat from the dollar store. With some cutting and hot glue, it fits him pretty well! He’s sitting next to my grandma’s favorite Christmas brooch, which is resting on a piece of rough amethyst.

This one sits in a L.E. Smith amethyst glass vase. I wouldn’t have thought to pair depression glass with Kewpie dolls, but I wanted some variety in height for the dolls. I picked up this Nymph vase in a free box at a thrift store out in Amish country earlier this month. He holds a vintage glass ornament.

Three of the Kewpies got to be angels. The smallest one was simple, just two long, white feathers hot glued together in an X and set on his back.

The larger two got special wings made out of craft paper, feathers, hot glue, and twine. I’m going to post a tutorial some time in January so you can make little wings for your dolls. They can be cherubs for Valentine’s Day!

All of the angels got halos made from gold pipe cleaners.

Once I got bored with making elaborate Kewpie costumes, I made some snowflakes on my Cricut with scrapbooking paper and acetate sheets. Some of the dolls hold these snowflakes. If I couldn’t prop the snowflake up in its hands, I used more craft putty to stick them to the dolls.

A few of the dolls aren’t actual Kewpies, but they fit the creepy baby theme so I included them anyway.

This little guy looks like he’s up to no good.

My pom pom garland is from Michael’s. I bought it this year on sale for $6. That’s pretty reasonable, especially considering how long it is! The two glass finials in the center of the mantle were decorative accents I picked up last year at, you guessed it, Michael’s.

Baphomet Claus approves.

I will probably be listing all of these Kewpies on Etsy when I am done enjoying them.

Merry Kewpsmas to all, and to all a good night!

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