My Year in Review: Highlights of 2018 in 12 Photos

I took a brief blogging hiatus this last week to unwind from the Christmas festivities, and to take time to reflect on 2018. I went through my Instagram (follow me!) and chose a photo from every month of this past year that highlights something cool that I did, made, or ate.


January was my first month with my Cricut Maker. I have had so much fun with this device since I got it for Christmas last year! This was one of the very first things that I made, a modern wreath with a mix of paper and acetate flowers. I sold it in my Etsy store pretty quickly!


February is usually a month of hibernating for me. Most of my month was spent hanging out at home, making things and decorating my apartment. This photo is from my hallway. You might recognize my hallway demon from this post. I used to have a tinsel wall behind him that I might recreate in the future, when I’m feeling festive.


In March I welcomed another demon into my home, this wonderful Baphomet statue by artist Chris P. Andres. It was a gift from my sweetie, purchased through the artist’s now-defunct Etsy store. I recently found the photos I took as we were unboxing and assembling this, so that might be its own post in the near future. (Let’s not talk about the plastic monkey in a pot full of dirt next to it, because I don’t even know what’s up with that.)


Two fun things happened in April: I got a sewing machine, and my sweetie took me to the Lodge at Woodloch for a late-winter getaway! I think I had just sewn my first stuffed animal right before the trip, so this lovely fox got to go on a vulpine vacation with us. I am truly ridiculous and took photos of my fox at all of my favorite locations within the resort: a peaceful hammock in the woods, the restaurant, and here, on the dock by Little Lake Teedyuskung


Would I dare write about my year in review and not post a selfie? Of course not. I took this photo in early May. My favorite part of spring (other than the warmer weather, of course) is when the lilacs bloom! We had a few lilac bushes at my childhood home. My grandma used to cut branches to bring indoors when they bloomed. Every year’s fresh blossoms always remind me of her.


June is the start of carnival season! This was taken on a lady date with my friend Jess. Every year we like to get together at the carnival to look cute and eat delicious fried crap. This was the first elephant ear of the season! Yes I am very stoned.


In July, I went home to northwest Indiana for the first time in 6 years! I went to do some consulting work, so I didn’t get a lot of time to visit all the places I’ve missed. I did, however, get to eat a bunch of my favorite foods from back home, and I got to reconnect with some old work friends. I’d like to go back soon to do some sightseeing in Chicago and Indiana.


I got to meet a long time internet friend in August! She was visiting Philadelphia for a wedding so we met up on her birthday for a day of sightseeing on South Street. I got to go to the Philadelphia Magic Gardens for the first time, and then we had dinner at Spruce Street Harbor Park.


In September I was lucky enough to see a great documentary about fat acceptance called Fattitude. See it if you have the opportunity, whether you’re fat or not. I went to a fat positivity workshop beforehand where I met a handful of great new friends. I didn’t take any pictures at the movie or the workshop as a courtesy to the other participants, but while I was outside vaping I did chase down this big, healthy, almost-too-friendly squirrel for this picture.


For my birthday in October, my sweetie took me back to the Lodge at Woodloch for a few days of spa treatments and canoodling. This is a picture of me in the outdoor horizon edge whirlpool on my birthday. I couldn’t possibly think of a better way to celebrate!


In November I focused on my Etsy shop. I made some really fun crafts to sell for Christmas, including this cute party animal wreath. I also had my 200th sale on Etsy, which is still inspiring me to make more things!


Most of December was spent preparing for Christmas. Even though I’m a satanic witch, I love decorating for Christmas in my own (weird) way. This Kewpie mantle was really my masterpiece this year! I was inspired when I came across someone’s old Kewpie doll collection at a local consignment store. I wrote all about it here.

I just wanted to wrap up by my retrospective by sincerely thanking everyone who follows and reads this strange blog of mine. I have so much fun writing it, and I really appreciate every single person who checks it out. Stay tuned for more weird shit in 2019!

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