Independent Designer Spotlight: Bright Comets Apparel

I’ll admit it: I’m a t-shirt fiend. I love t-shirts and wear them as much as possible. They’re so versatile! I’m drawn to graphic tees that are kind of spooky and esoteric, so when I saw this cool death’s head moth tee, I knew it would fit into my wardrobe just fine.

I first featured Etsy seller Bright Comets in a blog post I wrote last month about cryptid-themed Christmas gifts. Bright Comets makes cool, unique t-shirts in a myriad of designs. There are over 400 styles in their shop, ranging from mythical creatures to vintage horror & science fiction movie posters to dick jokes. There is truly something for everyone.

I ordered an XL unisex t-shirt and it’s the perfect fit for me. For me, tees have to fit certain parameters in order for them to be wearable. They have to be long enough. I hate when I raise my arms and my belly hangs out of my shirt! This shirt is a great length for me; it’s long enough to cover the top of my jeans, but not so long that I can’t tuck it into a skirt. The sleeves on this shirt are an awesome length as well. When I wore it with this outfit, I folded the sleeves up twice, but I wear them down for more casual outfits or under sweaters. Also, it’s super soft!

It was hard for me to choose a t-shirt because I liked so many, but I’m glad I ended up with this one. I love the death’s head moth design; it’s stylized without looking childish. It actually reminds me a little of an art deco style, with the repetitive floral background and black & gold color scheme.

I did receive this shirt at a very steep discount in exchange for writing this blog post. That being said, I would never endorse something I didn’t believe in strongly, and I’m not getting compensated for clicks or sales. Please support small businesses!

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