Six Easy Ways to Celebrate Imbolc

Imbolc is on February 1st, which is just two weeks away. This pagan holiday celebrates the returning of the sun. This is a time to think about reconnecting with nature and prepare yourself for the coming spring.

Here are six easy ways you can celebrate Imbolc at home:

1. Take a Bath

A bath is a great start to any ritual. You can cleanse yourself both physically and spiritually in the bath. Incorporate herbs and essential oils into your bath that symbolize the season; rosemary, peppermint, lemon balm, cinnamon, sage, and chamomile are all great additions. Light candles if you feel so inclined.

2. Do a Fertility or Love Spell

Spring is a time of fertility, so if you’re into that sort of thing, now is a great time to do a spell. If you don’t personally want to be fertile, celebrate the fertility of the earth. Or just trick someone into falling in love with you! I’m kidding, but do a RESPONSIBLE love spell, or a self-love spell.

  3. Light a Fire

Light some shit on fire! Fire symbolizes the returning of the sun. Have a bonfire, light a fire in your fireplace, or light some candles. Burn incense and other offerings in your fire.

4. Decorate Your Altar

This is a great time to rearrange your altar and put away everything from Yule. Bring out your spring critters: deer, robins, sheep, etc. You can put your seeds that you’ll plant in the coming months on your altar. Bring over some houseplants, and light some candles.

5. Plan Your Garden & Hang Out with Plants

It’s a little early in the year to start seeds, but you might do a blessing on your future seeds, or just start thinking about what you’ll plant. Invite a new houseplant into your home and give it some love!

Some of last year’s garden

6. Fuck & Feast

You can celebrate any pagan holiday with two of my favorite things: sex and food. Imbolc is derived from a Gaelic word for “ewe’s milk” because this was traditionally the time of year when the mother sheep would be suckling their baby lambs. Eat dairy products, winter vegetables, and of course, bread. Witches love bread.

How will you be celebrating Imbolc this year? Let me know in the comments!

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