DIY Unicorn Ring Dish

These super cute DIY unicorn ring dishes couldn’t be any easier to make, and the supplies are ridiculously cheap. Create a herd of unicorn ring dishes using a Valentine kit and tiny dishes, both found in Bullseye’s Playground (formerly the Dollar Spot) at Target.

These darling little heart shaped ceramic trinket dishes are only $1 each. The unicorn Valentine kit is $3, and you get 24 figures for $3. I had all of the other supplies in my craft stash, so each dish only cost me $1.13 to make!

Here’s what you’ll need:


First, choose your unicorns. You’ll need to make sure that they stand up on their back legs and tail. Some of them were a little wiggly and unstable, so choose unicorns that stand up on their own. You’ll want them to stand up like this:

The next step is optional, but I think it adds a big impact to your unicorn. Use your fine tipped marker to darken the eyes of your unicorn. It’s pretty simple; there are little slits to make your unicorn look like she has her eyes closed. Just run the tip of your fine point marker in the little eye slots. Don’t worry if you miss and get marker on the face; it wipes right off with your finger when wet, and if it dries, you can scratch it off with your fingernail. Since the eye slits are so recessed into the head, your black marker will stay in the recessed part of the eye.

Next, paint the horn, mane, and tail of your unicorn figures white. This will act as a primer, so when you add colors, they be more vibrant. Don’t be too worried about getting paint in every crevice; the dark undertones will give depth to your painted parts.

If you want to stop here, you can. This is already a pretty cute little unicorn. But adding a little paint is super simple and really makes an impact! Make sure that your white paint has dried completely, then paint your accents. I used acrylic paints and liquid gilding from my craft supply stash.

First, I painted all of the accents that I wanted gold. I’m using Martha Stewart Craft brand liquid gilding. I bought a jar of this a couple of years ago and it’s lasted me a long time. It is the brightest, shiniest gold paint that I’ve ever used! I painted every unicorn’s horn and the blue unicorn’s mane and tail gold.

Next, I added some color with my acrylic paints. For this light pink unicorn, I used a medium pink paint and did a simple dry brush technique on the mane and tail. This is where you use a little bit of paint on your brush and gently sweep it over your surface. The effect is kind of scratchy and imperfect, and it adds dimension to the unicorn’s hair.

The purple and hot pink unicorns got a wet brush treatment on their tails and manes. For these two, I used purple and pink paints. I blobbed on purple paint in random splotches. While that was still wet, I added pink paint to my brush and blended the two together until the hair was covered.

The glow up is real!

You’ve come a long way, baby.

Once everything has dried, you can pick off any errant paint with your fingernail, being careful to stop where you want the paint to stay. It’s pretty easy to peel the paint off of these, so it’s a good idea to seal them with some sort of sealant. This will preserve all of your hard work!

Finally, once your sealant has dried, glue your unicorns to your little dishes. I use E6000 for this; it is an exceptionally strong adhesive. I propped my unicorns up on their tails and back legs. Clean off any excess glue with a q-tip while it’s still wet. Let it dry overnight.

And you’re done! They would be great party favors for your Valentine’s Day or birthday party. Give them to your friends for Galentine’s Day, and make one for yourself!

Are you feeling inspired to make any Valentine’s Day crafts this year? Are you going to celebrate Galentine’s Day with your friends? Tell me about it in the comments!

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  1. How cute! I also see those little dishes in dollar tree but I never thought of any DIYs to use them for. I am working on my vanity, this make be a DIY I try, thanks for sharing!

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