A Serious Yee-Haw!

When I saw this fringed western shirt on ASOS last spring, I knew it had to be mine.

It was a garment I didn’t know I needed until I saw it.It just spoke to me; does that make sense? I definitely didn’t know I was in the market for a western shirt at the time, but it has been an interesting addition to my wardrobe. I wrote about it in this post about my favorite things I wore last year.

Rust orange shows up often in my wardrobe. I wore my western shirt with this rust orange corduroy skirt from Forever 21 that I blogged about here. It coordinates so well with the top! The flowers in the shirt are yellow and coral.

Am I a flashy dresser? While I was writing this, I was tempted to say that I’m not a flashy dresser. But I’m writing about an outfit where I’m wearing a floral western shirt WITH ACTUAL FRINGE, and I wear it with leopard booties. AND I topped this look off with my furry leopard jacket, also from ASOS. Next time I wear the coat I’ll get pictures.

But also: everything here is neutral. In my book, leopard print is a neutral. The orange skirt is neutral-ish, earth-toned at least.

What makes this shirt actually wearable and not just a novelty is that both the shirt and fringe are black, so the fringe doesn’t stand out. If it was a contrasting color it would probably be too ostentatious for me. I guess this is a SAFE flashy outfit for me.

Next time I wear this shirt, I have to remember to put my hair up! My hair is so long that it covers most of the fringe, so you wouldn’t even see it if I didn’t put my hair over my shoulder. I wasn’t thinking about that while I was getting dressed.

Do you own any garments that aren’t really your style but just spoke to you when you first saw them? Tell me about it in the comments!

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