New Mexico Road Trip Mini Scrapbook

This is a cute little scrapbook that I made after my mom and I took a 4-day road trip in New Mexico in 2017. I’m planning another trip out to visit her in March so I’m reminiscing about my first New Mexico experience.

All of the images that I used in my scrapbook are photos printed from my phone, instant photos from my Instax mini, or clippings from papers I picked up along my way. When I’m travelling I tend to accumulate a bunch of paper ephemera: brochures, flyers, postcards, maps, informational handouts, admission tickets, wrist bands, even stickers. At the end of every day on a trip I transfer any paper that I’ve picked up throughout the day into my suitcase. When I get home, I go through them and keep anything that’s interesting or important. This project was a great way to display the things that I wanted to remember and not have to hang on to a bunch of extra stuff!

Here’s how I put it together:

I bought a 5″ x 5 1/2″ Heidi Swapp brand standing spiral-bound scrapbook at Michael’s on clearance around 3 years ago. I tend to find something I might use and then store it away like a little crafty pack rat. But then projects like this come to fruition and all of my supply hoarding makes sense!

With this project I challenged myself to use all items that I already had in my craft stash. For continuity throughout the book I limited myself 5 coordinating washi tapes and paper from one 6″ x 6″ scrapbooking pad, save for one piece of paper that was a scrap from another project.

The cactus embellishment on the front was from Target, purchased on clearance around 2016-2017. It’s a 3-dimensional cactus shaker that came with two other shapes, a pineapple and a flamingo, which I used for gift wrapping. I threaded some burnt orange suede cord and light blue yarn through the top. I also used a little wood tag to display the dates of my trip. The gold date and word stickers I used throughout this project came with the book. The date tag got the same fibers as the cactus, plus some mustard yellow yarn. The fibers add a fun texture to the cover.

The Instax photos below are from the wet room of the first hot spring we visited. This is was my favorite part of the trip. The little binder clips serve no purpose; I just like tiny office supplies.

This page was things we saw at Fox Cave. There was so much to see there! I used a little piece of stone, some apatite that I picked up on our trip, to display the date I was there. I glued it to the page with E6000, my favorite craft adhesive.

The Instax photos that I took there turned out so cool! That’s me with some giant hands, and my mom being eaten by the disembodied head of a tyrannosaurus rex.

I accumulated so many cool papers in Roswell that they make up the bulk of my book! If I had to, I would’ve added a fold-out element to some of my pages to display everything, but I think I edited my favorites to the perfect number.

The gold paper on the top page is the oddball.

I cut a brochure from the Roswell Visitors Bureau to make a pocket to hold some papers I wanted to keep. It holds an admission ticket from Alien Zone Area 51, and a few images from some brochures. I cut them out and covered the backs with washi tape to make them sturdier and more visually pleasing.

This is another image from the brochure that got its own page because it was so special.

These were all from the International UFO Museum & Research Center. I got some good Instax photos…

..and some not-so-good ones. I love taking photos with an Instax camera while I’m traveling, but sometimes the pictures just don’t come out great. I save my instant photos that are just-kind-of-OK too and jazz them up with fancy papers and tapes in my scrapbook. I can tell what they are; the one on the left is “photographic evidence” of aliens, and the right is a huge replica of Gort the robot. They aren’t the best photos but I like to look at them anyway.

The next pages are from Alamogordo, New Mexico. We saw the world’s largest pistachio

Boy, that’s one big nut.

..and the New Mexico Museum of Space History in Alamogordo, NM, including the grave of Ham the astrochimp. I brought roses.

The next page has some of the cool landscapes I saw. I come from a flat land, and live in a hilly land, but driving through the desert and mountains was something entirely different! It was truly a change of scenery.

Just some weird things I saw around Truth or Consequences, NM: Sasquatch, jackrabbit art, and an…. interesting sign.

The last page is the brochure from the Elephant Butte Inn, where I got a massage before I flew home.

This was the sunset in the canyon on my last night there.

Each destination is going to get an in-depth blog post in later weeks.

I was originally going to send this little book to my mom, but I’ve decided to keep it for myself. She gets to see New Mexico whenever she wants, and I can remember it with this book!

You can read about my whole trip in this series of posts:

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