DIY Party Animal Jars

Vintage plastic animals and glitter are two of my favorite craft supplies. This tutorial combines them in a cool little project that’s totally customizable and easy to make.

Here’s what you’ll need:

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First thing’s first: make sure your jars are clean and dry so the glitter will stick to them. Then apply your painter’s tape where you want the glitter to stop. If you want them to look the same, use a tape measure to figure out where your line will be. I wanted all three of mine to be different, so I made the line slightly different on all three of my jars.

Next, coat wherever you want the glitter to be with Mod Podge. I greatly prefer a foam brush for this. Foam brushes will help you get full coverage on your jar without accidentally leaving bristles behind like a craft paintbrush might. I covered everywhere I wanted the glitter to be with Mod Podge. If you’d like you can put glitter on the bottom of your jar, but I left mine clear.

This is the fun part: apply your glitter. To get this striped effect, simply apply glitter in an even ring under your painter’s tape, and stop where you want your next color of glitter to start. If you want your jars to be all one color, just use one kind of glitter in an even coat. Make sure you shake your jar to get the excess glitter off; I’ll even give mine a few good whacks on the lip of the jar to make sure all of the extra falls off.

This next step is important if you want really full coverage on your glitter. Allow your jar to dry completely, then add another layer of glitter. Simply apply another layer of Mod Podge and a second coat of glitter like you did for the first coat. You may want to keep little cups of Mod Podge and brushes for each color of glitter because some pieces inevitably end up contaminating your glue.

Once this has dried, preferably overnight, I recommend putting another layer of Mod Podge over all of your glitter. This will stop it from flaking off when you touch the jar.

One last coat!

Let that last coat dry, preferably overnight again.

The last step is to glue your animal to your jar lid. You can really do this at any point in the process. Dab their little feet with E6000. If you use too much, simply use a cotton swab to remove excess adhesive while it’s still wet.

And you’re done! It’s a little time consuming due to the drying times, but each step is simple and fast.

Use them as favors for a birthday party by putting candy and small toys in them. Fill them with treats and give them as gifts for Valentine’s Day. Or keep them for yourself to store your craft and office supplies.

Will you be making any crafts for Valentine’s Day this year? Have you made glitter jars like these before? Tell me about it in the comments!

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  1. This looks simple to make and so cute for room decor or decoration for an event. I love using mason jars for DIY project. These may be cute to make for easter!!!! Thank you for sharing !

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