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We’re in the middle of a cold snap here in the eastern United States. My date night outfits need to not only be cute, but also keep me warm, at least from the car to the restaurant.

I’m always on the lookout for long sleeved dresses that aren’t frumpy, but with sleeves big enough to fit my arms. I came across this plus size surplice dress on Forever 21’s website while shopping last week and thought it would be something sexy I could wear on chilly nights. It was I bought it in teal but it also comes in rust.

Here’s what I thought about the dress, and how I styled it:

I have a few complaints about this dress. The neckline is WAY too wide. I had to wear my bra straps way out on my shoulders, which was uncomfortable all night. I wore my hair up in a messy bun so I wouldn’t be overheated, but if I’d worn it down it would have helped cover the straps. When I took off my coat BOTH cups of my bra were exposed because of that plunging wrap. Next time I wear this I’ll have to try a strapless bra and dress tape.

It is also VERY sheer and clingy. I don’t mind some VBO so this isn’t a problem for me, but I’d rather not be able to see the outline of my undergarments. Call me old fashioned.

I wear an 18 on top and 22 on bottom. I purchased a size 2X and it was perfect on me, save for the neckline issue.

I wore it with some diagonal plaid tights and leopard booties from Lane Bryant.

I figured since the dress is pretty plain I could jazz it up with a bunch of jewelry. I’m wearing both of my Marcy Kentz necklaces; I LOVE them layered like this! I’m also wearing a vintage turquoise ring, a moonstone crescent moon ring from Queen of Jackals, and a rose gold hedgehog ring from Michael Tatom.

To stay extra cozy (and have pockets for my lip gloss and vape) I wore my Simply Be mono print fur coat. Obviously I am not afraid to look excessively opulent.

How do you stay warm on date nights? Do you opt for layers? Or do you just freeze for the sake of fashion? Tell me about it in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Luxurious & Sexy OOTN

  1. My wardrobe has been seemingly lazy lately. I use to dress up all the time, but now I feel like everything shows too much of my skin. It is weird how tastes change. We don’t really get many date nights that we dress up for, so really its throwing on jeans and a nice shirt. If I am feeling eager Ill do my hair and face.
    Sometimes I miss the want to of dressing up. I just feel like I spend more time pulling up or down garments to keep from being exposed too much. One day though, I will get back into it again. Usually summer time for me because it is too damn hot to wear much lol.

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