8 Gifts for Your Witchy Valentine

You love your witchy weirdo but they can be hard to shop for. I’ve arranged this list of 8 unique gifts that your favorite witchy person will love to receive for Valentine’s Day this year!

Here are my top picks for 2019 for your witchy Valentine:

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  1. Valentine Bath Products from Witch Baby Soap

I love all of the Witch Baby products I have ever tried. You can always count on them to come up with unique scents. My favorites from their Valentine’s Day 2019 collection are the Moon Lips body butter, Candy Quartz bath bomb, and Lucy Purr body scrub. While you’re shopping with them, don’t miss out on the Graveyard bath bomb; it smells like graveyard dirt!

2. Witch Bunny Enamel Pin by Brett Manning

Image Source: Brett Manning on Etsy

I’ve written about Brett Manning before. She designs cool, witchy art that’s equal parts esoteric and cutesy. I mean… just look at its little feets!

3. Glamour Magic: the Witchcraft Revolution to Get What You Want by Deborah Castellano

You can find this informative book Amazon. It’s great for newcomers to glamour magic.

4) Aphrodite Oil from Anita Apothecary Shop

Image source: Anita Apothecary Shop on Etsy

This flowery scented oil can be worn on the skin or used in rituals.

5. Crystal Ball Hanging Mirror from Mind + Mineral

Image Source: Mind + Mineral on Etsy

This would be a cute addition to any witchy space!

6. Love Handmade Ritual Candle from Magic Hour Astrology

Image Source: Magic Hour Astrology on Etsy

This candle is a great start to a love ritual of any kind.

7. The Zoë from Chakrubs

Image Source: Chakrubs.com

They’ll have a great time aligning their chakras with this clear quartz sex toy!

8. Raw Rose Quartz Ring by Wilderness Wares

Image Source: Wilderness Wares on Etsy

Your favorite witch will love these rings in the “love stone” that are as unique as they are!

What are you getting for your witchy Valentine this year? Tell me about it in the comments!

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