2 Outfits for My Trip to the Desert

I’m going to visit my family in New Mexico in March and I’m starting early with my outfit planning. Forever 21 had a buy one get one free sale on their clearance items a few weeks ago, so I picked up two great tops that will be perfect for my trip to the desert!

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Comfort is of utmost importance when I’m sightseeing. I want to be comfortable while I’m walking around. If my feet are achy and I’m constantly tugging at my shirt to make sure my butt is covered, I’m going to be miserable. All of my outfits have to be breathable so I’m not overheating. And it’s important for me to dress in layers so I’m ready for the warm days and chilly nights.

My first outfit features this darling citrus print top. I know the desert isn’t exactly citrus country, but the print and weight are suited for warm weather. And it perfectly matches this cute little bag from H&M!

I don’t wear a lot of white, or light colors at all as a matter of fact. I’ll even out the brightness of the top and off-white sweater with black peach lift jeans from Eloquii. My black and white straw sun hat from Old Navy ties it all together.

It needs to be steamed, but it fits perfectly! I don’t often wear bold prints so this is a nice change for me. I like that it’s loose in the back to cover up the inevitable gap between my jeans and lower back. The peach lift jeans fit nicely but don’t solve that problem for me.

Outfit details:

I’m really feeling boxy button down shirts this spring. This tie front button down shirt is effortless and breathable. Unfortunately it’s also a little too tight across the shoulders. I don’t think I could wear this all day, but I would wear it to dinner.

Last time I went to the desert I wore this black floppy hat most of the time that I was outside. It helped shade my head and precious face from the sun, which can be unrelenting. I’m trying to remember why that’s a bad thing as I sit through yet another east coast snow squall.

I’m going to pair it with these black knit high waisted shorts. I’m excited to feel the sun on my legs again! They’re starting to forget what that’s like. In addition, I’ve styled it with the hat that saved me from the sun on my last trip! It’s coming with me on this upcoming trip since I got so much wear out of it on my last trip.

I picked up this silver rabbit pendant on my last trip to New Mexico, at Fox Cave. I think the stone is polychrome jasper. I put it on a long vintage chain that my mom gave me while I was visiting.

I used this bag as my carry on and travel bag on my last trip to New Mexico when I went on a road trip with my mom. It was the perfect bag to carry on vacation, very roomy with lots of pockets.

I probably wouldn’t wear these sandals while out exploring during the day, but they’ll be perfect for dinner. I’m a firm believer in sturdy footwear when doing a lot of walking. I will gladly sacrifice fashion for comfort.

Outfit Details:

  • Green tie front shirt from Forever 21
  • Black felt hat from Target, purchased in 2017
  • Black high waisted shorts from Forever 21, purchased in spring of 2018
  • Overnight bag from Target, purchased in fall of 2017
  • Souvenir pendant on vintage chain
  • Strappy sandals from Old Navy, purchased in spring of 2018


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