My Vintage Valentine’s Day Mantle

I like to refresh my mantle every few months to keep it interesting. I just can’t stand to look at the same things all the time. I rotate my art as well as the tchotchkes. I started taking down my Kewpie mantle from Christmas in early January, and this Valentine’s Day decor evolved from it.

An eclectic theme of vintage toys, minerals, and plants emerged while I was arranging it. These are all things that I collect so this came together pretty naturally on its own.

Here’s how I pulled it together:

The real focal point of my mantle is this great French poster about minerals. In early January I spent a day at Longwood Gardens, where I bought this poster in the gift shop for only $3.99. What a bargain! You can find it online here for $2 more. I bought this kit on Amazon to hang it. I like to rearrange my wall art occasionally and I can imagine a few other places I’d like to hang this. It really suits my style.

I brought over some of my larger minerals from my altar to coordinate with the poster. There’s some a rose quartz skull, and some rough amethyst, calcite, and quartz. I displayed a slice of dyed agate on a small plate stand.

I also have a few plants displayed. There’s a spider plant in a vintage round concrete planter, a little sedum in a tan ceramic planter, and a Moon Valley pilea in a pink planter from Ikea.

I love to look at my vintage toy collection so I included some of my current favorite figurines and toys. There are two Kewpie dolls dressed as cherubs; you can read this blog post to learn how to make your own angel costume for your dolls. There’s a sad chalkware cowboy, a naughty baby bear rubber squeezie toy, and some salt glaze animal figurines. There’s a handmade felt devil doll, you know, to even out the angels.

I hung up this cute pom pom wreath that I’m selling on Etsy to coordinate with the pom pom garland I got at Michael’s just before Christmas. The pom poms add a welcoming soft texture. I also hung a bunny head vase from Target and a vintage faux taxidermy deer head.

Here it is lit up at night:

It fucking love mood lighting. It makes any space a thousand percent comfier. (Scientific fact.) I’m very sensitive to light, so I can’t stand bright overhead lights before bed. I usually have a few lamps and candles lit as a substitute.

This moon lamp is really a show stopper! I mean.. look at it! I bought it on Amazon last year and I have gotten so much joy from it. I usually keep it on a lamp base instead of a light bulb, but to display it here, I have it resting on top of a vintage amethyst glass vase. It is a cool decorative base that really lets the lamp stand out!

I also pulled my Himalayan salt lamp into the display. I like this one because it is also an oil diffuser. There’s a little metal pan on the top where you put water and essential oils, and as the bulb heats the pan, the room is filled with your scent. And it really highlights my devil doll!

Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day? Do you decorate with vintage toys? Tell me about it in the comments?

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