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12 Witchy Housewares for Spring

It isn’t March yet but I’m so ready for spring! I live near Philadelphia and the weather has been pretty brutal this winter, between the snowstorms and the freezing rain.

lawn flamingo on a snowy day
My poor chilly flamingo!

Ostara, or the March equinox, is on March 20th of this year. That’s only about a month away! I’m starting to decorate for Ostara now. It might be a little early, but seeing signs of spring in my home remind me that we’re in the home stretch!

12 witchy housewares for spring

I’ve been shopping online for home accents to brighten up my space for spring and prepare for Ostara. Here are twelve of my favorite witchy housewares you can use to refresh your home for spring:

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  1. Mockingbirds and Snake Artwork by John James Audubon

I like to rotate my art on the walls seasonally to keep them looking fresh. Also I get bored with looking at the same stuff all the time. This canvas print of an Audubon painting would be a great addition to the gallery wall above my fireplace!

2. 24k Gold Plated Brazilian Agate Coasters

I use these to display special little things on my altars: statues, small plants, candles, etc. I also use them in the bedroom to display my jewelry. You can even put little plate hangers on them to display them on the wall!

3. Ceramic Canister Planter with Metallic Copper Finish

Copper is a warm accent color that easily transitions from cozy winter to warm spring. Metallic home accents add an interesting texture to any space.

4. Braided Cotton Table Runner in Navy & White

I’d love to use this as an altar cloth on my living room altar! It’s a modern, neutral print that could blend well with any decor.

5. 3D Moon Lamp Night Light

I just wrote about this moon lamp in my last blog post about my Valentine’s Day mantle. I’m always finding new and fun ways to display it, other than with the base provided. And it really looks cool lit up!

6. Cable Knit Cotton Throw in Green Forest

I love to bring green into my home in the spring, because it reminds me that the plants are going to start blooming again! This green is neutral enough to work with most decor. A cozy throw is a must-have on my couch.

7. Hand Carved Mountain Hare Hook

This hook adds a whimsical touch without being cartoonish.

8. Paddywax Candle in Sea Salt & Sage

Paddywax candles are my favorite! I love this sage scent that’s perfect for refreshing any witchy space.

9. Gold Moon Phase Wall Ornaments

This is another metallic accent that adds a cool texture to your space. Use these moon phase ornaments to update your wall over a bed, desk, or couch.

10. Death’s Head Moth Pillow Cover

This suits my style perfectly –spooky and pretty. The floral motif is perfect for spring.

11. Sansevieria (Snake Plant)

I’m always compelled to buy houseplants in the spring. It’s comforting to see something green and alive when everything is cold and dormant outside. Sansevieria is a low maintenance plant that’s great in most spaces.

12. Himalayan Salt Lamp and Oil Diffuser

I have this and I love it! You put water and essential oils in the little metal pan on top. When the light bulb heats it, it diffuses your scent. I keep mine full of citrus scents this time of year.

Are you compelled to decorate for spring this early in the year? Tell me about it in the comments!

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