She Wore Blue Velvet

Bluer Than Velvet Was the (Outfit of The) Night

Please enjoy Lana Del Ray’s version of the song while you read the rest of this post.

I’m wearing one of my favorite skirts from Modcloth. I bought it in the fall so it’s sold out now. It has pockets! I like to have somewhere to put my vape and lip gloss, other than my bra. I previously wrote about it here.

plus size blue velvet skirt

I honestly put this outfit together to showcase this stunner of a necklace. It was a totally frivolous purchase that I made at Green Eyed Lady Boutique in West Chester. It matches this awesome dress that I wrote about a few months ago, but I never wore the two together.

It matches the jewelry that I wear in my philtrum! (Almost.) I wear rose gold with blue topaz, and the necklace is yellow gold.

I’m wearing them with a regular ol’ scoop neck tee from Target.

As a matter of fact, I wore that same tee with sweatpants the day before, because I’m versatile! (OK, lazy.)

Do you own any totally ridiculous accessories that you never wear. but had to buy because they spoke to you?Tell me about them in the comments?

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