No More Hot Glue Burns!

Hot glue is my third favorite crafting supply, behind glitter and plastic animals. I use it for all kinds of crafts: wreath making, collage, flower crowns, even finishing off the back on some embroideries. Lately I’ve been using it to make little statues like this one.

killer deer statue

She lures men into the forest to kill them. Then she eats them, and sucks the marrow from their bones. Obviously.

But boy, am I fucking sick of burning myself. While I was putting the finishing touches on the floral wreath around the wood nymph’s neck, I got the tiniest dab of hot glue on my index finger. I’ve had LOTS of hot glue on my hands in my crafting career, but I’ve never had a second degree burn from it! I never want to do that again, so I found some simple yet ingenious ways to stop scalding myself when working with hot glue.

Owwwwww whyyyyyyyy

First off, why am I still using a high temp hot glue gun!? When I first bought my hot glue gun, I thought that I needed the highest temperature possible. You know, to glue things better. But in reality, a low temp gun does exactly what I need, at a much lower temperature. (A low temp gun is about 250°F, while high temp is 375–410°F. ) I invested in this fancy cordless dual temp model from Elmer’s.

Any time my hot glue gun is turned on, it’s sitting in this cute little hot glue gun stand. That way I don’t accidentally set it down and bump into it with my arm or hand, which I’ve done more times than I’d like to mention.

I wear these on my index finger and thumb while I’m hot gluing. They’re like finger crafting condoms. They might look silly, but they really protect your fingers, and give you a good grip as well!

This one is just common sense: you can’t burn your fingers if your fingers don’t get anywhere near the glue! I have a pair of PVC-tipped beading tweezers that I originally bought for fixing drawstrings on hooded sweatshirts and sweatpants. They have come in very handy; just let excess glue cool on the PVC tips and pick it off.

Do you craft with hot glue? If so, what are your tips for not burning yourself? Or are you a risk taker and just hope for the best with no precautions? Let me know in the comments!

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