Witchy Thrifting

Witchcraft supplies don’t have to be expensive. Many of the witchy tools that I use most often are from the thrift store.

spell jars
Spell jars made using thrifted jars

I’m always on the hunt for cool bowls, vessels, and boxes while I’m thrifting. They can be used for lots of witchy things: holding offerings, storing minerals that aren’t being used, or storing special tools. (I recently sold this cool hand bowl, but this vintage marquetry box with mother of pearl and bone inlay is still for sale.)

vintage witchcraft supplies

I found this great little cast iron vessel while out in Amish country. I’m always on the lookout for cast iron pieces when I’m at the thrift store. They’re great for lighting loose incense on a charcoal disk, and it’s a safe receptacle for burning small pieces of paper. (I could never quite figure out the original use for this item, so please leave me a comment if you know what it is.)

small cast iron cauldron

I’m always on the lookout for rocks and minerals while I’m thrifting. I often see Himalayan salt lamps. I found these two cool minerals at the thrift store within the last year. The agate slice is dyed but it’s cool anyway. I use it for holding sage bundles and minerals. The votive holder is a piece of quartz.

dyed agate cheeseboard and quartz candleholder

I have a collection of little bottles that I’ve thrifted, and I use them for everything. Some of my favorites house little plant cuttings that I’m trying to propagate. I use some of them to store bulk herbs. And of course, I use them as spell jars!

vintage bottles for witchcraft

I have always been a sucker for cute figurines, particularly animals. I have plenty of rabbits for Ostara and deer for Imbolc. I will put any animal on my altar that’s calling to me at the moment to charge it, then mix it in with the rest of my decor when I see fit.

vintage figurines on altar

I thrift many of my altar cloths, including the table runner in all of the photos here. I also look for placemats and handkerchiefs that I can use on my altar to lay out my tools, or for my tarot cards.

vintage embroidered handkercheif

A couple of precautions for thrifting witchcraft supplies: if anything gives you a bad vibe, don’t bring it home with you. And be sure to cleanse any new items before you use them, either with smoke, salt, light, or water.

Do you use any thrifted items in your witchcraft? Have you ever gotten a bad vibe from something at the thrift store and didn’t buy it for that reason? Tell me about it in the comments!

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