Do I own enough garments with tigers printed on them? I only have four.

modcloth plus size skirt

What can I say? I’m a lady who knows what she likes, and that’s tigers. I have this amazing skirt from Modcloth, a pair of shorts, and two tank tops, all with tigers on them. Not tiger print, mind you. I don’t actually own any tiger print clothing. I do have my eye on this cute tiger print swim cover up from Forever 21 though.

modcloth plus size tiger skirt

The top is just a gray v-neck tee from Old Navy, and it’s a few years old. And I’m wearing Maya Organics Eye of the Lotus weights in rose gold with moss agate inlay. I wear them through Kaos Softwear Hydra eyelets, also in rose gold.

maya organics eye of the lotus

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