La Paloma Hot Springs, Truth or Consequences, NM

Last month I spent a week in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, visiting family. T or C (as the locals call it) is known for their natural hot springs. They have a bathhouse district with ten different spas where you can pay for to soak. I challenged myself to visit five different spas while I was in town.

My first soak of the week was at La Paloma Too on Austin, in the Hot Spring District.

My family and I rented one of the private outdoor covered gazebos to soak for an hour. It was pretty… rustic. You can tell that this place was nice 30 years ago. The deterioration gives it character, and dare I say, charm. That being said, my brother is disabled, and it was a little difficult for him to get back to our designated gazebo, which was a short walk from the office on a sandy gravel path.

Some ruins.. pretty cute.

A lot of the property seems to be dilapidated. Anything that looks unsafe is roped off. There are also a couple of natural pools that have been reclaimed by nature. In this next picture, you can see the concrete steps in the foreground. I would have asked the person at the front desk fort more information about why some of the pools weren’t in use anymore, but the facility is a whisper-only space. (A minor annoyance that popped up a few times this week.)

la paloma hot springs truth or consequences
One of the abandoned pools

This is one of the few hot springs in town that is free-flowing, meaning it comes right out of the ground. The rest are piped in from a well. This was the only spa that I visited like this. It was super cool to feel the hot water coming up out of the rocks! I used a hot rock from the pool to massage some knots on my calves. It was almost like getting a massage assisted by the earth. Not quite, but it was nice.

la paloma truth or consequences new mexico

The concrete walls were a little crumbly, and you can tell the tile work has been there for a while. But this was a very nice soak, and definitely one of my favorites of the week. This tub comfortably sat 4 people and cost us $40 for an hour. I’m pretty sure the temperature in our pool was 101°F, and the temperature outside was around 70°F, so pretty good soaking conditions.

la paloma truth or consequences new mexico

I we started our soak just before sunset. The blue rope lighting inside the gazebo made for a cool atmosphere.

The water circulates out of the pool via this little hole in the wall that I fondly referred to as the tarantula den. (I have not seen any tarantulas on either of my visits to New Mexico so tarantulas probably don’t live in this hole.)

las palomas too truth or consequences

I am quite reckless with my phone, and took my phone into (or at least very close to) every bath. I am very confident in my phone handling skills, and I put a lot of trust into my Pop Socket. What can I say? I do it for the blog.

It was quite peaceful, save for a child in the gazebo next to us, and a lot of street noise. The indoor rooms are probably quieter due to the whisper policy.

las palomas too hot spring
Sunset at La Paloma

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