When Easter & Ostara Collide!

Like the bad witch that I am, I was out of town for Ostara this year. Although I did celebrate in my own way while on vacation, I didn’t do much at home. This year I’m using Easter to honor the holiday instead.

ostara decorations

Here’s how I decorated, incorporating my love for all things witchy and kitschy.

Let’s be honest: this is pretty much just my Valentine’s Day mantle with fewer naked babies and more bunnies. I still have some of my favorite mineral specimens on display, and I’ve added in some special pieces I got on my trip to New Mexico. I got this awesome azurite with malachite at the Mineral Museum, which I’ll be writing about in the near future.

I also have some psychedelic foam chicks and rabbits. They just don’t make holiday junk like they used to! I might work some of these guys into a wreath next year, but this year, I just wanted to enjoy them out and about.

Of course I had to work a couple of my favorite rubber squeezy toys. There’s an unmarked rabbit in the planter with the pink begonia. I like this Sun Rubber sheep juxtaposed with the rose quartz skull. I have a few rubber squeaky toys for sale on my Etsy, but these two are from my personal collection.

sun rubber sheep squeeze toy

I never know what to do with these old cardboard cut outs, but I have some for almost every holiday. They’re too cute to keep leaving in storage! I decided to just stick them up on the fireplace this year. There are a couple of ducklings on my planters as well.

vintage easter cardboard cutouts

The stuff on my walls is almost the same as Valentine’s Day. I brought over my jackalope mount. It’s a rabbit, it counts for Easter in my book!

jackalope mount home decor

I bought this paper tassel garland at Target a few years ago and put it up all the time for no reason at all. It’s just so cute and festive! I think it cost around $3 on clearance.

easter and ostara decorations

I also wanted to show you this cute box I made for witch shit. I found this nice little oak box at the thrift store a few weeks ago. It has a royal blue felt lining! I added an iridescent death’s head moth in shades of purple/blue. The moth is emerging from a floral wreath that I made with paper flowers in aqua, denim blue, gray, purple, and white. It is flying up towards a metallic copper crescent moon and a little shard of silver-toned chalcopyrite that I picked up on my trip to New Mexico. Chalcopyrite is the stone of the mystic. It is associated with the crown chakra or third eye. The box fits a standard tarot deck, or you can put crystals, herbs, candles, or other ritual tools in it. Or you can use it to hold your weed!

You can buy it here on my Etsy, but I kind of don’t want you to, because I want to keep a new tarot deck in it.

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