The Most Ridiculous Purse I Own

This outfit came into fruition because I needed a reason to carry this ridiculous purse.

plus size pink lace skirt

I mean… just look at it! It’s a masterpiece. Can you believe that I got it at Target for $9?! I found it in January on super deep clearance. It was originally in the $30 range.

I love a novelty purse, but I rarely buy them. I find it hard to justify buying something I can only wear with certain outfits. I’m a pretty laid-back (read:lazy) fatshionista. I like my outfits to culminate organically; it means I’ll be more comfortable in them. That means not trying to force an outfit by needing to find coordinating clothes.

plus size pink skirt

But when I found this purse, I was like, fuck it. I knew I had this cute pink skirt that would probably be a close match. And it matches perfectly! I got the skirt at Forever 21 and I think I’ve had it for 3 years now! I know I didn’t pay more than $10 for it.

Plus size sheer pink skirt

I wore it with this black lace top I got at Target last year from the Who What Wear line. Underneath that is a a black bralette that I bought at Torrid in October of 2017. I need a new black pentagram bralette; if you have any plus size suggestions please let me know in the comments. The sweater was from Target last fall; I wrote about it here.

I also wore my rose gold Sativa earrings from Maya Organics, which I totally regretted. They kept getting snagged in the lace of the top! I wish these earrings were smooth all the way around because they are quite stabby.

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