I Went to the Desert & All I Bought Was ROCKS

I visited central New Mexico in March and most of the souvenirs I ended up bringing home were rocks and minerals!

This happened the last time I visited, too. When I went on a road trip through central New Mexico in 2017. I ended up with so many minerals that I had to send myself a package with what wouldn’t fit in my suitcase!

Honestly, minerals are everywhere out there. It’s hard not to pick up a few as souvenirs, and to use in my witchcraft later. Here’s what I bonded with and brought home this time.

I love to buy these little stone animals and charms whenever I find them. I keep them on my altar, and when I send a package to a witchy friend, I make sure to include a critter that I think they’ll identify with.

I picked up the arrowheads at a gas station in Winston, NM, and the little pieces of copper and marcasite at the Mineral Museum in Socorro. I picked them up with the intention of using them in some kind of art, I’m just not sure what yet. I already decorated an altar box / stash box using a tiny piece of chalcopyrite I got on the trip.

The pieces of rose muscovite and calcite above and this awesome piece of azurite with malachite are all from the Mineral Museum as well. This place was something else! I’ll be writing about it here in the future. It was one of my favorite things that I saw on my trip.

All of the other minerals came from a cool shop in Truth or Consequences, NM called Miner’s Claim. I shopped there last time I visited too. The owner ended up giving me a couple of freebies both times that I’ve visited. This time he gave me this nice little piece of raw chrysocolla.

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