Happy Beltane from Your Favorite Satanic Witch

I can’t believe it’s already Beltane, the official pinnacle of spring!

demon wearing flower crown
demon in a flower crown

Of course I dressed up my personal demons for the occasion. My Baphomet statue got a sweet flower crown with some fancy crystals at the forehead. This statue was made by artist Chris P. Andres.

demon flower crown

My hallway demon also got a flower crown, as well as an extra pair of thrifted deer antlers.

I have 3-4 altars at any given time, but here’s what I have on my main altar for Beltane. The table runner is from H&M, purchased on clearance last year for around $6. I waited all autumn and winter to use it! Now is finally its time to shine. I also have a bunch of plant cuttings that I’ll give to my friends in the next few days, and most of the new minerals I picked up in New Mexico.

beltane altar

I like to incorporate flowers in my witchcraft whenever possible. This year I’m focusing on using lilacs. They’re the flower of playful flirtation and have been attributed to banishing negative energies.

Over the weekend I cut a big bunch of lilacs. I pulled the flowers from the stems and filled a couple of jars with them. I filled one of the jars with vodka to make a tincture. After two days of steeping, I’ll strain it, then mix it with a few tablespoons of lavender honey that I’ve had infusing since Valentine’s Day. My lover and I will each drink a shot before our sex ritual (hehehe) and the remainder will go into a love spell jar.

lilac infused vodka

While I was at it, I made lilac toner to use in my skincare routine. I filled another jar with flowers and covered them with witch hazel. I’ll leave this in the bathroom cabinet and shake it twice a day. In a week I’ll strain it and it will be ready to use.

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