Resin Pot Leaf Keychains

I started dabbling in resin casting a few weeks ago and the results have been amazing!

resin pot leaf keychains

I’ve been having a great time making these keychains. I use alcohol dye as a colorant, and I love experimenting with mixing colors. I made a couple of really cute resin notebooks using crushed eyeshadow, and I’d like to do the same with these! I have a pretty hefty glitter stash so this is a great way to use up some of it.

This was the first one that I made. I mixed blue and yellow alcohol ink to get this color. I added a little shimmer powder and mermaid glitter to the mixture. (Links to all of my supplies will be at the bottom of this post.) The glitter and most of the shimmer powder sunk to the bottom of the mold, which made for a cool effect where the glitter is intense on one side and muted on the other.

This was another mixing experiment. My vision was for the center of the leaf to be opaque pink with heart shaped glitter, and for the tips of the leaves to be translucent purple. The pink resin was dyed with acrylic paint, and the purple was made by mixing bright purple and blue alcohol ink. As you can see, the pink resin mostly settled to the bottom of my mold. This wasn’t quite what I was going for, but looks cool anyway!

My most popular leaf has been the transparent purple. Each one is a little different. The first one has less blue dye so it’s a little on the pink side. The second one is a little darker, with added blue ink. And the third is darkest of them all, with the addition of holographic moon shaped chunky glitter.

I also made a cool blue-green one! I poured light blue dyed resin into the mold and set it up at an angle. I added light blue glitter to this resin. After that was set to a mostly solid consistency, I added a second layer of translucent green resin with the mermaid glitter.

I have been so busy making them that I haven’t had a chance to make one for myself yet! I have some fun mix ins to experiment with, including some cool vintage glitter. I am not currently taking custom orders through Etsy, but if you’d like to get one of your very own, please get in touch through my contact page or on Instagram. Turnaround can be up to two weeks, but is currently closer to one week. They are $13, which includes shipping in the continental United States.

I will also be making other styles in the near future. Follow me on Instagram to get updates on what I’m making as I make it!

I used the following supplies:

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