It’s Romper Season

I have looked for the perfect black romper to wear in the summer, something I could pull on with little effort, look pulled together, and be comfortable. This isn’t it!

asos curve plus size romper

Not at all! I first purchased this wrap tie front romper in a size 20. It was WAY too big, even though that’s the size that ASOS’s “fit assistant” suggested based on my measurements. I exchanged it for an 18, but honestly, I probably could have used a 16. And I’m a 22 on bottom! I was afraid that if I went any smaller, it would give me a wedgie when I walked.

I never noticed until this bad sizing debacle, but ASOS doesn’t have user reviews on their site. This is curious; I just want to know how the sizing of a garment runs, or the overall quality! I thought this was a universal feature but I guess not! So here I am with a slightly too big romper.

asos curve plus size romper

This wrap top is just too loose. I gave it a test run while getting dressed the morning that I wore this out, but my one titty kept falling out. I had to pin it with two safety pins. I can probably put a dart in the side and sew the neckline where I’d like it to lay, but I don’t WANT to, know what I mean?

My plan is to wear a fancy bralette with it so it looks like an actual style choice. I prefer to wear bralettes over bras in the summer anyway, because they’re so much more comfortable!

I’m figured this is a pretty subdued outfit for me, so it needed one big accessory. I chose my favorite big ol’ pot leaf earrings, my Sativa hoops from Maya Organics in rose gold. I’m wearing them through my 1″ Hydra eyelets from Kaos Softwear in metallic copper.

asos curve plus size romper

I’m still on the lookout for the perfect romper! I would even settle for a jumpsuit, as long as the top is sleeveless and the legs are wide. , i.e., not a catsuit. If you have any leads (in plus sizes, of course) please send them my way in the comments or on my Instagram!

Other accessories:

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