Cupid’s Doing What Now?

I have expanded my resin casting from craft-sy to artsy. And naturally, I started with dicks.

hexagonal resin art of cupid with a boner riding a boner under the moon

One of my favorite mediums to work in is collage. This is my very first project incorporating my old love, collage, with my new love, resin.

I found this lucite hexagonal tray on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $2 a few months ago and knew it would be perfect for collage. It’s about 8″ across, and 2″ deep. If you have leads on more trays like this for under $5 each, please let me know. The store only had the one, and the only others I see online are fancy ones for home decorating.

cupid with a boner riding a boner in resin

I started with the main image, which is a blindfolded cupid with a boner riding a giant erection with bird legs and wings. I liberated him from a book I bought secondhand a few weeks ago for $2, Erotic Art of the Masters. I put big chipboard flowers in the background instead of trees; the scale and depth make for a dream-like scene.

I added a moon I cut from metallic copper scrapbooking paper. I covered both cupid and the moon with packing tape so they wouldn’t be distorted by the resin.

cupid with a boner riding a boner

For the night sky I used resin dyed navy blue, bright blue resin with fine holographic glitter, and lots of clear, un-dyed resin swirled together. I use alcohol ink to dye my resins.

cupid with a boner riding a boner

Instead of trying to fit paper to match the original landscape into the angle of the tray, I anchored Cupid’s noble steed with aquarium gravel on the bottom edge.

This piece is cool because you can stand it up to display it, or lay it flat and use it as a catch-all. The collector who purchased it displays it in front of a sunny window to let the light shine through.

I don’t have any resin art for sale right now, but keep an eye on my Etsy shop for more finished pieces in the future. You can see what I’m making as I’m making it by following me on Instagram.

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