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Halloween Creeps Swap

Last month I was invited to participate in a Halloween swap on Elfster called Halloween Creeps. Our goal was to send our partner a Halloween gift worth under $30, handmade encouraged.

halloween creeps swap

I was assigned to send my gift to Ashley, owner of Old Growth Alchemy. I was rushing to send my package before vacation and didn’t get a picture of everything together, so she graciously sent me the photo above for this post. I was worried that my gift wasn’t creepy enough.. it IS in the name, and none of my stuff was actually creepy. Ashley assured me that she loved what I sent!

Here’s what I sent to her:

  • Creepy Wreath

This time of year I turn into spooky Martha Stewart. I love to make creepy little natural wreaths with pine cones and preserved moss. I buy little plastic snakes in bulk to use in crafts and give away the excess to trick-or-treaters! If you’d like one of your very own, you can buy this one in my Etsy shop.

  • Owl Tell Your Fortune Gift Box

This is a coffin-shaped papier-mâché gift box that I painted with craft paint and decorated inside and out with Tim Holtz Halloween paper findings. I used this to hold all of the little things included in my gift.

  • The Hermit Tarot Card Print from Fennec Design

I ordered some shirts from Fennec Design a few months ago and was given some bonus prints from their Major Arcana collection. I hung one in my living room and have been sending the rest to pen pals.

  • Gynura Aurantiaca Cutting
gynura aurantiaca cutting

This is one of my spookier houseplants. I bought it at the Philadelphia Flower Show earlier this year and I’ve had a lot of success with propagating it. I put some cuttings from my mother plant in water for a few weeks. I made sure to send one with good established roots. To send the cutting I just wrapped the roots in a damp piece of paper towel and put it in a resealable sandwich bag. This method has worked for me quite a few times.

  • Resin Jewelry & Keychain

I have been having so much fun making resin jewelry that I had to include a few pieces in my gift! I sent my partner a pair of autumn leaf earrings, a lucky horseshoe bat necklace, and a moon keychain.

  • Glitter Resin Moth Tray
resin moth tray

This one was tough to give away because I like it so much! It is a little handmade resin tray with moth stickers and lots of glitter. It is food- and liquid-safe so you can use it for serving food, or as a soap dish. It can be used for offerings on an altar, or to hold jewelry on a nightstand. You can also use it to roll your joints! I don’t have one similar in my Etsy but you can see all of the other resin trays I’ve made here.

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