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Blackcraft Cult Death Moth Kimono

Spooky-cute AND comes in a 2X? You know I was immediately sold when I saw this cute Death Moth kimono on Blackcraft Cult’s website.

blackcraftcult moth kimono

I love Blackcraft clothing, but this is the first item I’ve purchased from them in a while. I used to wear a Hail Satan and Drink Coffee tank top, but it was purged from my wardrobe a couple of years ago after a few months’ wear. It was a men’s cut tank top and just didn’t fit me right; the armholes were too big and always showed my bra.

Their designs are often a little “too much” for me. I am a picky clothing shopper and can tell pretty much immediately whether I’m going to like an item or not. Don’t get me wrong, I am esoteric as fuck. But there’s a line between spooky and mall goth, and I think most of their designs are more the latter.

blackctaftcult kimono 2x

But this? This is honestly the most “me” kimono I’ve ever seen. The scattered moth print is screen printed on a black kimono with crochet fringe detail at the hem. It is creepy and whimsical without being over the top.

Imagine my disappointment when after only three low-impact wears (a trip to the post office, a day at the pool where it was removed pretty much immediately, and a dinner date) the fringe started to unravel. I had to give it a trim to keep the ends from looking straggly but it keeps unwinding. I’ve refrained from wearing it because I’m afraid of wrecking it further. I’m considering cutting the fringe off entirely. I understand when this happens with a garment from maybe Forever 21 or Target, but this thing cost $50!

blackcraft cult moth kimono

Blackcraft is one of those brands that doesn’t allow shoppers to rate items on their website. I HATE this about them. It is the year 2019; if you’re a large enough company that your items are sold at Hot Topic, I think you should be able to have a review feature on your website.

Also, I don’t know why Blackcraft Cult is averse to carrying plus sizes. I know plenty of plus size goth babes who would die for some of their straight sized offerings, myself included. Their men’s sizes go up to 3X; women’s clothing mostly stops at large. There are a few items that are bigger such as this kimono, but their 2X is the equivalent of a women’s size 12-14 according to them. Of course I can wear the men’s clothing, but I don’t want to wear shapeless and ill-fitting sacks all of the time. Give me something spooky with a baby doll cut in plus size!

plus size blackcraft cult

Anyway, I wore it to dinner with a black dress from Forever 21 which I wrote about previously here and some strappy black sandals. I completed the outfit with my moth moon phase necklace because they coordinated perfectly.

I honestly didn’t start writing this post intending to bash this company. I WANT to like them. We share many of the same sensibilities, but overall for the price, the quality just isn’t there.

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