The Devil

Here’s a little art I made a few months ago.

resin art of the devil

2019 was the year of resin for me. I started resin casting after years of wanting to give it a try. I wrote previously about some other resin projects I made, marijuana leaf keychains and another weirdo art, my Cupid with a boner octagonal tray.

k&company dimensional mushroom stickers

I got the mushroom stickers on Amazon. They are really cool dimensional mushrooms with a faint glitter on the caps. They are great for these resin collages because they are made of pieces of layered foam, which gives them a surreal depth.

The resin in the background is dyed with black alcohol ink and expired Urban Decay eye shadow! I crushed up and blended a few colors in the Naked 3 palette. I purchased it a few years ago and didn’t use all of it, but felt bad throwing it away.

k&company dimensional mushroom stickers

I mixed in some fine black glitter and chunky soft gold glitter. The bottom has a thin layer of preserved moss.

resin art of the devil

I put a saw tooth hanger on the back of these so they can be hung on the wall, but they should really be displayed on a plate stand by a window or other light source.

resin art of the devil

This piece is sold, but check out my other resin art in my Etsy shop!

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