Are We Still Doing Fatshion February?

I know we’re about a week out to February already so I’m cutting it pretty close here.

I honestly don’t even know if people still do Fatshion February anymore. The original Tumblr page hasn’t been updated since 2015. A few people who still use Tumblr posted outfits their last year. I ran a poll in my Instagram stories a few weeks ago asking if any of my friends were planning in partaking and about 60% of people said yes. The majority also said that they were planning to do only a few Instagram posts, but almost no one said they would post every day.

I will probably try to write more fashion-y posts here on my blog next month, but I’m not planning anything elaborate either. It’s easier for me to post on Instagram so I’m considering making fashion-adjacent post every day, even if its something simple, or a re-post.

I have nothing exciting to say about this outfit. I already wrote about this Eloquii dress here. This time I styled it with polka dot tights purchased about a year ago from Torrid (similar here) and some older grey Mary Jane heels, also from Torrid. My hairdo was a new style for me, just a simple updo using a very old floral scarf headband.

This is a legitimate question for you! Yes, YOU! If you are a plus sized person, are you planning on participating in Fatshion February this year? If you are, please let me know in the comments! If you aren’t, tell me why not!

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