Resin Art of Bearded Lady Clémentine Delait

Last fall my friend asked me to make a custom resin art of a “satanic bearded lady.” This is what I came up with!

resin art of Clémentine Delait

My friend collects art of bearded women and I was happy to expand his collection. I don’t recall if he asked me specifically to use a photo of Clémentine Delait or if that’s just the photo of a bearded lady that I was drawn to on Google. I printed it on a page of a book called Library of Health from 1923. I chose a page that was related to the hair, which you can see on her shoulder.

resin collage of Clémentine Delait

I often use the nimbus in my art. I achieved this in resin by setting my printed image in my empty mold and making a light scratch in the surface with my fingernail where I wanted her head to be. For the background of this piece I mixed transparent black resin dyed with alcohol ink and shimmery gold resin dyed with expired eye shadow. I poured these colors anywhere I didn’t want my halo. For the halo I filled the leftover empty space with transparent blue resin dyed with alcohol ink. Into the center of that space I added some clear resin mixed with shimmery mermaid glitter (similar here.) I let the background cure overnight.

resin art of Clémentine Delait

The next day I added all of my paper elements. I cut out my subject’s eyes (sorry, Clémentine, it’s for my art.) I added a piece of holographic foil cardstock behind the space to make it look like her eyes are glowing. I covered the entire image with packing tape, front and back, to protect it from the resin. I added the dimensional mushroom stickers and a snake sticker from Halloween. The moon is made from copper glitter scrapbooking paper. I didn’t cover this with tape and it didn’t distort in the resin. I covered everything with clear resin except for the bottom, which is made of clear resin mixed with aquarium sand and some star shaped glitter.

resin art of Clémentine Delait

I always put a saw tooth hanger on the back of these in case the recipient wants to hang it. Honestly they look so much cooler in front of a light source so I also include a plate stand for displaying on a shelf. To affix the hanger I wait until the piece is totally cured, then turn it face-down onto a flat surface. I use a tiny bit of resin to stick it to the back, making sure to hide it behind one of my paper elements.

You can see some of my older resin art here and here. Check out my Etsy shop for any resin pieces that I haven’t sold yet, or get in touch for a custom order.

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