Antique Barn, Abingdon, Virginia

After the night in a haunted hotel we had only a two-hour drive to Pigeon Forge, but 6 hours to kill until we could check into our hotel near Dollywood. Abingdon is a destination for antiquing in Virginia so we decided to visit the biggest one we could find: the Antique Barn.

antique barn abingdon virginia
antique barn abingdon virginia

Big is an understatement. It isn’t just a clever name; this place looks like an actual barn. It is cavernous! I had to stop and marvel at the height of the main room.

antique barn abingdon virginia
vintage snoopy glasses
I feel ya, Snoopy.

This was a great place for us to kill some time. I love vintage shit if you didn’t know already. There are lots of booths with anything vintage you could possibly want: accessories, art, collectibles, housewares, toys, you get the idea.

give mother a hug
Give mother a hug

We spent about an hour here before tapping out. There’s so much to see! I didn’t even look at any of the goodies out on the porch, and just glanced over most of the jewelry cases near the front.

insect specimens antique barn abingdon virginia
Well that answers that for me.

I was pretty conservative with shopping since it was the first day of the trip and I didn’t want to collect too many treasures so early.

I added to my fist fighting rubber squeezies collection. The boxing boy in yellow on the far left was the newest addition. The surprised girl in yellow is wearing a witch hat because this was in October and I decorate my toys for Halloween.

vintage rubber toy collection

I also got this ram’s head bottle cork. I have it displayed in a vintage souvenir vase from San Francisco with some baby’s breath. Mine is for the permanent collection but if you want one of your own, there’s one listed on Etsy.

Overall this is a great place to stop and shop, whether you’re a hardcore antique collector or just like to look at old stuff.

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