I Swear This Stuff Just Finds Me

I updated my interior for winter for $3 total with the help of a stellar trash pick and the auction!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this wooden piece in the trash. Honestly, if you put something like this in the trash, YOU are the trash. This could have easily been donated to a thrift store or given away on Nextdoor. That being said, I’m glad it wasn’t, because now it gets to live with me.

I honestly don’t even know what it is! It’s some kind of decorative wooden piece, probably intended to be displayed above a mantle. It is carved out of solid wood. There is no mark on the back indicating a maker. It looks like it was painted with house paint by the way the paint has chipped and the drips on the back, so definitely not the Ethnic Special from Home Goods or Marshalls. It shows a bird, possibly an eagle, fighting a serpent, flanked by two concerned looking little angel babies.

I gave it a good scrub down with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to get off all of the scuff marks. I considered hanging it above the window in my office but for now it’s sitting on my mantle. I moved every figural head I have onto this wall above it.

Just goblin things

I put regular old Christmas lights in front of and behind it for some mood lighting. It goes nicely with my color changing moon lamp, which I have displayed on a vintage deer hoof wall sconce. Hanging from the sconce is a beaded tassel that I found half buried in the dirt while I was walking a dog a few weeks ago. Another weird thing that found me! I truly am a trash goblin.

It looks so cool illuminated!

Here’s the lamp! This super cool deer lamp came to me by way of an auction. This was only $3 because of a chip running the width of the base. I set the lamp on its side on a flat surface and filled the crack with E6000, spreading it with a toothpick. I let it sit for a few days like that, adding more E6000 once a day.

He looks like he’s scratching his haunches with his antlers. I have no idea when or where it was made as there are no markings on the bottom. I have it displayed in front of a prayer plant.

I honestly didn’t consider how big this thing is when I was bidding on it! I originally wanted to put it on my mantle, but there isn’t enough space for both this and the wood piece.

The lamp lit up at night

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